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Track 2 - Team Building

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1. High Performing Self and High Performing Team

John Maxwell has been named the world’s #1 leadership guru for several years in a row. Taking key concepts from one of his NY Times Best Selling Books, Today Matters plus several of the course instructor’s best strategies taught to hundreds of people, learn the keys to breakthrough performance by you and your team. Learn several obstacles and habits holding you and your team back. You will take away several simple, yet highly effective strategies you can put into practice immediately to achieve greater results than you ever thought were possible for you and your team.

: Bill Bliss, Owner, Bliss & Associates

2. Don’t Be Perfect, Just Be Better: Learn To Be Satisfied a Little at a Time

National board-certified health & wellness coach and author Lisa Burbage will provide insights and show you how small, incremental changes can create a happier and healthier life, both personally and professionally. Habits can seem impossible to change but with increased awareness, clarity, and knowing the right things to do, we can break the cycle of unhealthy eating, poor exercise habits and sleep deprivation. It’s not about being perfect but focusing on being a little bit better every day. This presentation is a good reminder that good health, loving relationships and business success don’t arrive at anyone’s doorstep overnight on an Amazon truck.

“Don’t Be Perfect, Just Be Better” covers three points:

Why we think we have to be perfect
What perfectionism is costing us personally and professionally
How to move past perfectionism to something even better!

PRESENTER: Lisa Burbage, CEO and founder, Wellness Five

3. Personal Kanban: Coming to a Whiteboard Near You

Personal Kanban is a highly customizable tool that allows individuals and teams to visualize work – facilitating the shift from endless to-do lists to a simple work management system that produces dramatic results. For the purposes of this topic, work becomes inventory. With Personal Kanban, the same pull-system principles that allow for plant-based inventory management are utilized to manage work.  In this session, participants will…

Learn the fundamentals of Personal Kanban
Be introduced to both manual and technology-based tools, and
Develop a working model to take back for customization and implementation

PRESENTER: Rhonda Huskins, Regional VP, SCMEP

4. Project Management Made Easier

The average project success rate is only 5%. Fewer than 1 in 9 projects will make it to launch, and only 40% meet expectations. Our standard way of executing projects just doesn’t work reliably and profitably. So, forget the Gantt charts and gate reviews for now and let’s talk about what really works. 

PRESENTER: Chris Wayne, VP, Business Growth and Development, SCMEP

5. Engaging the Untapped Workforce

According to the 2010 US Census, 56 million Americans and 1 in 4 South Carolinians have a disability, yet they are twice as likely to be unemployed than people without disabilities. This is even though employers consistently report a more than 80 percent positive experience with employing people with disabilities.

Reports show that 92% of the American public view companies that hire people with disabilities more favorably, and 87% prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities. It’s time to engage this skilled, dependable, and dedicated untapped workforce! We will alleviate any fears associated with employing people with disabilities and help you create a plan to tap into this diverse group of employees.

This grant-funded training opportunity supports your efforts to engage top talent with disabilities and build workforce diversity. It allows you to take the guesswork out of providing ADA accommodations and take advantage of tax breaks and existing local support.


6. Business Continuity Lessons and Strategies for a Reimagined Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged and stretched traditional business continuity plans.  Even those with existing pandemic plans had to quickly adapt and change their plans in response to the new realities created by COVID-19.  

As we head into the unknown future phases of this ongoing pandemic, it is critical that organizations make a strategic shift from a reactive to a proactive posture.  This shift ultimately requires focus along two distinct fronts: tactical planning for the future waves and phases of this pandemic, and strategic planning to reimagine business structure and opportunities in the future.   

We will discuss this broader view of business continuity to inform organizations how to prepare for an ongoing effective response while strategically reimagining the future on the manufacturing floor and in the marketplace. A new breed of business continuity planning tactics combined with strategic transformation is the key for organizations to recover and thrive in a post-COVID world.  

PRESENTER: Scott Cave, Principal Consultant, Verizon