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1. Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

This Lesson is Available Now. Please join us for a thought-provoking presentation focusing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution or MFG4.0.  Regardless of your level of exposure to MFG4.0, this session is sure to be stimulating and thought-provoking.  The presentation will explain:

What is MFG4.0/Industry 4.0?

    • Details of MFG4.0 framework including 9 key technologies that comprise MFG4.0
    • The likely impact of these technologies and what the future holds
    • The specific impact on the workforce and implications for workforce training/development 
    • Helpful tips on implementing MFG4.0 solutions
    • Resources that provide assistance with related questions, concerns and solutions

Also, the presentation will include an assessment so you may determine your organization’s current position in terms of MFG4.0 and identify actionable next steps to advance.

PRESENTER: Brian Kuney, Regional Vice President, SCMEP

2. How AI Is Driving Manufacturer Success In the New Normal

While pandemics aren’t the norm, COVID-19 ushered us into a period of unpredictable market volatility. Massive inefficiencies were exposed throughout the supply chain and recovery will be different by region, state and geography. 

The ability to make better decisions faster will be the difference between those who just survive versus those who scale and thrive. And the winners will be the manufacturers that have the right teams, parts and processes ready in the right places. Learn how customers are using data and AI to fill critical gaps and drive greater visibility, agility and intelligence in the supply chain.

PRESENTER: Rick Oppedisano, President and CEO, Delta Bravo AI

3. Using Software to Create Culture of Empowerment and Boost Everyday Continuous Improvement Efforts

Learn how software can help manufacturing companies engage every front-line worker in continuous improvement. A manufacturer’s most powerful force is its employees. Software helps create a culture of empowerment and rewards for everyday continuous improvement efforts.  In this session you will learn:

    • How to build a continuous improvement program driven by front-line employees
    • How to establish a four-part framework that has helped dozens of manufacturers improve employee efficiency and equipment efficiency
    • How one company utilizing this framework and automating it using software has improved efficiency by 15% across four manufacturing locations. Are you ready to unleash the power of your workforce?
    • Actionable steps you can take today to create a culture of continuous improvement on the factory floor
    • Tips to help employees focus their energy on continuous improvement 

PRESENTER: Jennifer Biggs, CEO, Ampogee

4. Using Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality to Develop Effective Training Documents

Finding and keeping talent is more critical than ever for business growth. The ability to work with new technology is, as expected, a key ingredient for attracting a sought-after workforce. Younger workers are used to simple, seamless technology experiences in the apps and services they use in their personal lives. When they’re faced with a workplace with outdated, hard-to-use technology, they’re less comfortable and less motivated.

You’ll see demonstrations and reviews of case studies of software technologies that allow companies to document their processes quickly, accurately and effectively and convert into multiple learning platforms.  Using Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality applications enables learners/associates to comprehend the process requirements, perform better, and quickly create quality results.  Software also enables instructors and/or trainers to provide consistently accurate data and materials. 

PRESENTER: Philip Riddle, President and CEO, SeeDaten

5. Using Innovation to Solve Workforce Woes – COBOTs

Executives of today’s small manufacturers most often rank employee recruitment and retention as their number one concern. Employee turnover due to workload, fatigue and injury can cost small companies tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. But a new and rapidly growing technology is changing all that.

Cobots, or collaborative robots, are inexpensive, lightweight and flexible industrial robots that safely work alongside employees to handle difficult and dangerous activities. This workshop is packed with practical real-world examples of how cobots are helping small manufacturers solve a very difficult workforce problem. Easy to install, easy to program, and safe to operate without guarding, the ROI for cobots is attractive to small companies needing a competitive edge. Universal Robots has installed more than 42,000 cobots in 2,000+ locations around the world.

PRESENTER: Bob Gussin, Purdue MEP

6. Reshoring 101

Companies were looking to shorten their global supply chains even before the COVID-19 epidemic began. Maximum risk, huge purchase minimums, longer lead times, growing labor rates – all are increasing the total cost of doing business overseas. Today, reshoring is becoming a top priority for companies who hear the wakeup call that shorter supply chains are typically safer and less costly.

Reshoring 101 will help you begin to think about whether reshoring or domestic sourcing is right for you. We’ll identify the factors that often get in the way of a Total Cost assessment, and we’ll give you some tools you can use to do the calculations for yourself.

PRESENTER: Chris Wayne, VP, Business Growth and Development, SCMEP