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HR Leadership Training

HR Bridging is a back-office solutions provider that offers project-based or on-call solutions. They are SHRM certified and also offer a wide variety of leadership training for business executives. This training program consists of nine separate videos and provides the user with 9 SHRM-certified credits. 


SPEAKER:  Patrick Wright, University of South Carolina, Director, Center for Executive Succession, Darla Moore School of Business

SUMMARY:  The systematic development of good leaders is fundamental to long-term organizational success – unlock the organizational leader within you.  Learn effective global strategies for leadership development in any workplace to truly lead and shape the direction of your department and organization.


SPEAKER:  Jennifer Floyd, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Business Owner, HR Experts On Demand

SUMMARY: Learn to apply today’s trending best practices to your style of leadership while fostering an environment of engaged employees in the workforce.  Identify and understand how to address conflict management and techniques on when to coach and when to counsel.  


SPEAKER:  Jason T. Collett, SHRM-SCP, Business Owner, Adaptivity Development

SUMMARY: Understand motivators and learning styles of the different generations while adopting a learning and development strategy to effectively engage the multi-generation workforce.  Learn new and different initiatives to enhance or bridge the gaps, building cohesive teams to positively impact retention, knowledge transfer and productivity.

4. THE SERIES OF FIRSTS:  Competing in Today’s Labor Market

SPEAKER:  Robyn Knox, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, HR Business Leader 

SUMMARY: Learn key initiatives every leader can apply to engage your new hire and set the course for retention.  An interactive session to develop new techniques in setting expectations while introducing objectives the first day on the job, the first time meeting coworkers, the first opportunity to share talents in the first three months… and more.

5. A LEADERSHIP STRATEGY:  Shifting Work, Talent and Skills

SPEAKER:  Nancy McCartney, MBA, SHRM-CP, PHR, Business Owner, HR Bridging

SUMMARY:  After forcing organizations into significant change, the COVID crisis has fundamentally altered not only where work is performed but what work is performed.  Creating an immediate need to improvise the business sector’s resilience, leaders now have an extraordinary opportunity to reimagine how work gets done. 

6. DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION:  The Modern Workplace

SPEAKER:  Nicole Andrews, CMCS, Career Consultant, Coach & Speaker, Nicole Andrews International, LLC

SUMMARY:  Learn to apply effective leadership skills in demonstrating value for diversity while implementing inclusive strategies that respect unique qualities of each individual.  Build competencies for effective change, learning the hands-on delivery of equality in the workplace to positively impact teams through the dynamics of creating inclusion.

7. OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE (OpEx)| SIX SIGMA FOR EVERY INDUSTRY:  Improvement of Operational Performance

SPEAKERS:    Tony Moore, Regional VP, SCMEP & Brady Umberger, Director of Operations, BOMAG America

SUMMARY:  Learn to align strategies in your commitment to continuous and deliberate improvement of operational performance and the people in your workplace by applying the four categories!  This action plan of transformation incorporates concepts into the workplace, seeing the business as a whole with a need to streamline processes while focusing on becoming a high-performance organization.

8. MANAGING A SAFE & HEALTHY WORKPLACE:  Reducing Workers’ Risk 

SPEAKER: Clarence Wong, PHR, Talent Acquisition Manager, USA, SpiraxSarco

SUMMARY:  Every company is unique and so should your employee health and safety program, even more so in today’s environment.  Learn to identify practical considerations and obligations that not only meet regulations but enhances the work environment while protecting your employees through developing a solid safety program that emphasizes the organization’s commitment to safety.  

9. HR TRENDS:  Stay Ahead of the Curve

SPEAKER: Chris Gantt-Sorenson and Perry MacLennan, Attorneys with Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd

SUMMARY:  Invoking thought and actions in leaders and managers in their efforts to adjust, maintain and grow in the ever-changing workplace environment.  Re-envisioning and addressing the differences of on-site workers and those remote as leaders prepare for and evolve into the future of work while remaining connected, productive and fair.